AW(1) FreeBSD General Commands Manual AW(1)


aw — Toggle some bits on the ActiveWire board.


aw device


The aw is really just a quick example/test thingy. It illustrates how to get at the ’endpoint’s and do mundane things like checking the device identity before playing with it.

It is intended to be used with the ActiveWire USB device. This is a low cost 16 pin in/out generic USB rapid prototyping block. For more information, see

Device is a generic ugen(4) device, for example /dev/ugen3. See the output of dmesg(8) for the device your USB device is attached to. usbdevs(8) does not give you the right information as it produces the device address on the bus, not the unit number in the device name, the ’?’ in /dev/ugen?.


ezdownload(1), ezupload(1), usb(4), ugen(4), usbd.conf(5), usbd(8)


The aw command was written by Dirk-Willem van Gulik, WebWeaving Consultancy.

FreeBSD 4.9 November 21, 1999 FreeBSD 4.9